Wat zeggen anderen?

Joella van der Boom legt uit waarom duurzaamheid belangrijk is in de mode

Ik kan je vertellen dat een personal shopping je zelfvertrouwen, richting en plezier in het shoppen geeft. Zelfs dat het je leven kan veranderen.

Lees hieronder hoe mensen een kleur- of stijladvies, garderobecheck en personal shopping sessie hebben ervaren. 

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Single Coaching offers support in a personal way and uses professional knowledge to ensure that you get and keep that nice relationship. Through a personal process you will start working with your coach to get a suitable relationship. We always start with a free introductory meeting.


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Photographer Hind Mari lays down someone else's soul and happiness with the camera. "For me, a photo says a lot more than words can ever describe. With a good photo you step right into the moment. That is why I find photographs an intimate re-experience. It is the emotion that connects people. "


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Our World brings together stories, knowledge, companies and people around fashion, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. We show that in a world where everything is connected, fashion and sustainability are about more than just being good for people and the environment.


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Parioli designs clothing that emphasizes beauty, flatters a figure and is molded. That is why they make every article tailor-made. They sell clothes in a studio in Utrecht.


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Find with Future Relationship Mediation the partner that really suits you. If you would like a lasting relationship, take a look at the website


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SIBIN FASHION STORE is a store for the fashion lover. Very stylish but also timeless, come along and find the perfect look in the store!



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