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We often think we know how we come across. We have certain picture of how others perceive us. Just think about the times that you see yourself on video. You speak, move, and sound so different from what you think you do sometimes.

With this free consult you will get a quick scan from a professional. The signals you send with your non-verbal communication, posture, expression and outfits. 

This is how it works:

• Step 1: Send 3 pictures of you wearing your favourite outfits to
• Step 2: Tell me how you want to come across
• Step 3: Fill out your e-mail and name, and I will get back to you in 4 days.

It's that simple!


Send 3 pictures to

Picture 1 I would like to see your face close up (think like a passport photo). 

Picture 2 and 3 should represent you wearing your favourite outfits. Make sure the whole outfit is in the picture. Pose in a way that feels natural for you.

Make sure the lighting is good. When choosing an outfit for picture 2 or 3, you can send a picture of a professional look and one picture of a more casual look. 

Joella van der Boom, Personal Shopper

Joëlla van der Boom

According to Allure, “64% of people said their appearance has helped them get assistance from a stranger, and 62% received better service in a store”. How you present yourself in your work place, even from home; is no less important. And this is where I can help make sure you shine!

 As a clothing, personal branding and communication expert and coach with a BA in Marketing, I have years of experience helping people look and feel good.  I’ve worked with the likes of L'Óreal, Nivea, Zalando, Management Support, dating coaches, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management and Louis Vuitton. Helping to color matching clothes to skin tone, with the right material advice, as well as styling, non-verbal communication and personal presentation lessons.

Drop me a message if you are curious or would like to book an appointment. 

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What do others say?

"I've started shopping completely different since my consult with BoomImpress. I'm making different shopping choices, no longer buy items I don't wear and get compliments everyday.  Great advice!"  Dewi, entrepeneur


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