Quarantaine Make-Over

Does this sound familiar?

* Do you look in the mirror everyday and think to yourself; I really need to sort this out?

* Do you want a more sustainable wardrobe, but you don't know where to start?

* Do you want to complete the missing pieces in your wardrobe, but you are not exactly sure what to get? 

* Is your wardrobe overflowing, but you still have nothing to wear? 

* Are you done with some of your old items? 

* Are you not sure what items to upcycle and what items to get rid of? 

* Does a really organised wardrobe really calm you down too?

I would love to help you inspire you and your wardrobe during a Quarantaine Make-Over! 


Quarantaine Make-Over

Unfortunately we can't meet face to face, but we will meet through Skype, Zoom, Face-Time or whatever your preference is.  We will really get into what it is you wear on a daily basis and sift through the items in your wardrobe. We will go through the different items, the things you are not sure about, the things you don't know how to match. We will organise your wardrobe, style the outfits together and you will get tips & tricks that will last you a life time. 


Personal Styling Advice

The investment of a Quarantaine Make-Over is €55,- per hour (instead of the regular €115 per hour). Before our session I will give you a quick call to discuss what you would like to get out of our session (Normaal gesproken is een stijladvies €115,-). 

You can decide what you would like to go through:

* If you want to focus on how to style an outfit
* If you want to focus on what silhouette works for you
* If you want to know which colours look great on you
* What items you should keep, and what items to get rid of
* How to organise your wardrobe

Or if you would like to combine all these ingredients. Whatever your preference is, we will work it out - and get you some new wardrobe inspiration! 

Joëlla van der Boom

According to Allure, “64% of people said their appearance has helped them get assistance from a stranger, and 62% received better service in a store”. How you present yourself in your work place, even from home; is no less important. And this is where I can help make sure you shine!

 As a clothing, personal branding and communication expert and coach with a BA in Marketing, I have years of experience helping people look and feel good.  I’ve worked with the likes of L'Óreal, Nivea, Zalando, Management Support, dating coaches, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management and Louis Vuitton. Helping to color matching clothes to skin tone, with the right material advice, as well as styling, non-verbal communication and personal presentation lessons.

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Joella van der Boom, Personal Shopper

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"I've started shopping completely different since my consult with BoomImpress. I'm making different shopping choices, no longer buy items I don't wear and get compliments everyday.  Great advice!"  Dewi, entrepeneur


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