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I can tell you how with the right advice, your worries will be over. No more bad buys, no more wasting time on shops that are not right for you. How you will live a life feeling more confident, knowing what looks good on you, feeling secure and beaming with youthfulness and energy with the right colours and styling. 

But better yet; I can show you how others experienced their sessions with BoomImpress. Scroll down to read some of the experiences.


"It has been a while since you helped me clean out my closet and gave me colour & style advice. I benefit from your advice daily. I've cleaned out my whole wardrobe and bought new items based on your advice. When I met you, I told you about my husband, he would love to have your advice too! Especially after he saw how much it worked for me! Like he tells me; everything you started wear after the consult looks amazing on you!" Such a perfect result after our session! Basically, I want to book him a session too! "

Koos, Consultant


“My son and I had an amazing afternoon thanks to your expertise, the tips and tricks when it comes to clothing! I'm really surprised by what colours suit me best and did a thourough check through my wardrobe today. Some items I already wasn't to sure about before our session, but it's helped me motivate my desicion to get rid of it, and actually do it! Some items I reclycle to a better silhouoet. My son is also very excited about your tips and it will definately help him in the search for an amazing looking wedding suit. I went to the city today for a few new basics, went for a boot-cut jeans, it looks surprisingly good on me! You really made me think about what I wear and provided me with direction. Thank you so much for that!"

Sonja, Teacher

"Thank you so much for our VIP-Day last week. I'm so happy with the colours that really make an impact when I'm on stage. The purple shiney trousers is already my favorite! The lovely basics when I don't  want to stand out in the crowd. I most defintatleey had several eye-openers when it comes to what looks well on me (didn't know red  was my colour?!).  This is something that is useful for a life time! Also, the confirmation that my gut feeling about certain colours were correct. I have discovered many new beautiful shops in Utrecht, it was so cool seeing how much you know about so many things (from make-up brush to the right shampoo). I would love to plan the next session, so I'm saving up for that!"

Josella, Chairman


"I kind of pursuaded my family members to join along in the colour and styling consult. The funny thing was that everyone was pleasantly surprised. So interesting to see how well it works when, what happens to your face and how colours and silhouets really make or break an outfit and make you look amazing. Thank you for a very fun morning, a very good investment!"

Irma, Teacher


‘’I thouroughly enjoyed my personal shopping session with Joella. It was a whole new experience, I'm afraid I'm hooked and will need a session every six months. I'm a fan!’’

Rogier, Account Manager


‘’I received a wardrobe check as a present, but didn't know how to feel about it. After taking the plunge and meeting up with Joëlla, I went home getting so much insight. I think everybody should do this. I love giving it as a present.’’

Erik, developer


‘’We went to a workshop by Joëlla, het was very insightful and so much fun. We both concluded this was definitely worth it! We look back at it and still enjoy the tips she gave us.’’

Louise, Teammanger


"The colour advice with Joëlla was fun and surpring! A real discovery to see what colours work for you. It's such a fun discovery to know what looks good on you. I take my colour passport with me everywhere I go."

Nelleke, Psychologist


"I've started shopping completely different since my consult with BoomImpress. I'm making different shopping choices, no longer buy items I don't wear and get compliments everyday.  Great advice!" 

Dewi, Entrepeneur


"I have worked with Joëlla before and it was time for me to try the styling and colouradvice for myself. Besides the fact that it was really fun, I learned so much! Joëlla is very professional, puts you at ease and is very service focused. Ze knows exactly what works for you and what doesn't.’’

Meinou, Singlecoach


‘’If you are looking for someone who gives you the tools how to learn to style yourself; Joella is your girl! I have had a colour and styling advice before, but I wasn't sure. Joëlla gave me the advice that really clicked with me, and made me think: this is it!’’

Kim, concept & design


"I didn't know what to expect and was quite nervous, but as soon as Joëlla stepped in the door I  knew there was nothing to be nervous about. Joëlla is very open, sweet and knows so much! My wardrobe is completely cleaned out and had a make-over. I know a lot better what suits me well and what doesn't bring out the best in me, and helped me defined my own style.’’

Elke, Compliance Officer


"We had a really fun afternoon and our session really made me rethink my clothes differently. Joëlla was very professional and fun at the same time. The results were quite surprising. The colour passport is such a handy tool to take with me to the shops. I take it everywhere I go.’’

Jip, Entrepreneur


‘’Joella is passionate, empathetic and an expert at styling. She gave me a clear direction and focus when it comes to shopping for clothes. I know where to look now and I only buy clothes now that really fit me and my personality.’’

Suzanne Kusljic


"Do it! Her colour and styling advice is worth its weight in gold. She knows how to explain how and why a certain items looks well on you or why it doesn't. I feel in good hands, and shopping with her has led to very satisfactory results."

Michael, Web Developer


"I'm very pleased with Joella's advies. Her approach from colour analysis, personality and trends really fits what I was looking for. Joella is committed and encourages you to think about why certain things look good. This resulted in a lot of compliments from the people around me. I really believe the value of hiring her, it makes such a big difference from when you ask a friend or a mom for advice."

Jasper, Front-End Developer


With my new wardrobe I come across a lot more in charge and in control. I believe this helps me to come across more convincing. I get compliments all the time now about my style, which is obviously very nice!"

Hans, Management Consultant en Coach


"Joella kreeg de vrije hand om me te verrassen met een nieuwe garderobe. Na een kort gesprek had ze een goede indruk van mijn persoonlijkheid en kwam ze later die dag terug met nieuwe outfits die perfect bij me passen. Een andere stijl met kleuren die nog niet in mijn kledingkast waren te vinden, zonder dat het ver van me afstond. Een nieuwe lijn is ingezet. Grote dank voor je hulp Joella!"

Erwin, Copywriter


"Iedereen vond het leuker en zinvoller dan van te voren bedacht: ik had ze namelijk een beetje overgehaald :) Heel grappig hoe dat werkt en bijzonder te ervaren wat er met je gezicht gebeurt wanneer je een andere kleur aanhebt. Dank voor de zinvolle ochtend!"

Irma, Docent




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