Color & Style 

Color & Style Consult represents your unique color type and figure type.

Questions like 'What should I look for?', 'Which colors should I avoid?', 'How do I see the difference in color nuances?', 'What works for my figure?', 'What is better to wear?" be answered.

What does the package consist of?

Why is it that the pants are fantastic, but that dress does not work for you? During the color and style placement I explain how that is. In addition to a piece of theory, we will work together to discover what is right for you.

BoomImpress works with the color theory of ImageProof. This consists of 12 unique species. During a consultation you will look at the colors, but also the patterns and fabrics that you flatter the most.

After your color & style type has been determined, you will receive:

  • A color certificate with an overview and guidelines to help you choose your best colors.
  • Style cards with tips & tricks for your figure.
  • Personal tips to impress.
  • Your contrast colors, suggestions for patterns and fabric types.
  • Up to 3 months after the consultation, the possibility to ask for advice about specific items of clothing via SMS / WhatsApp / email.
  • A link to a Pinterest Board for inspiration for your specific color type.


Try it

The Color & Style Consult is a one-off investment. Shopping is fun you know what colors are best for you and what to look out for.

And especially; miscooping is a thing of the past!



The Color Consult is € 95, -

Het Stijl Consult is € 55, -

The combination of a Color & Style Consult is € 125, -

Joella van der Boom, Personal Shopper

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