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At the Business Consultation the possibilities for your organization are open.

The importance of the first impression, becoming aware of your appearance on the work floor.
The do's and don'ts, the styles and the trends.
Workshops & presentations about personal branding, first impressions and body language.

What does the package consist of?

How can you ensure that you look professional and strengthened? What fits best with you and your organization?

You often only have a few seconds for a good first impression. And did you know that you have to meet someone again 8 times to straighten out a bad first impression? The statistics do not lie.

Whether you are in a role where you meet potential partners or customers, or you write code in the back office; Making a good impression is crucial in contact with others. Then I do not even know what clothing and appearance do to yourself and your posture and self-confidence. 

This element of what clothing can do for your success, professionalism and self-confidence is what I am concerned with.


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Tip: The advice is business deductible as coaching. The rates are exclusive of VAT.

Joëlla van der Boom

BoomImpress is an initiative of Joëlla van der Boom and gives you tools to make a good first impression.

During these sessions Joëlla knows how to bring out the best in you in a personal but professional way. You go out with a smile and in good spirits, ready for a new first impression!

Joëlla is a stylist and communications expert with a marketing background of more than 5 years experience in the business world in London. She has years of hands-on experience with the color theory of ImageProof and work in The Color Floor with companies such as LÓreal, Nivea, Kruidvat, Management Support, Minus of Economic Affairs, Monuta and much more.

Joella van der Boom, Personal Shopper

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